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    Program Terms & Changes

    General Billing:


    Our billing policies are detailed below.  Take a look, and pay close attention in order to understand how things work, and the processes for membership changes. 


    • Monthly membership commitments are billedevery 4 weeks to align with attendance.
    • Memberships paid in full will convert as monthly once the paid in full time period passes. 
    • Changes to membership should be requested30 days prior to your billing. We staff programs and stop new members from joining to reserve your place in membership, and requests have to be processed by our payment provider.


    Upgrades and Additional Offerings:


    Many members join Outrun and after experiencing it want to grow faster and dive deeper in our programs.  Membership upgrades and additional programs can be added to existing membership agreements. to get more involved.

    Make-Up Policy / How-To


    We know that organizing a busy schedule can be hectic. We provide flexible make up options for missed classes that can be scheduled by emailing 


    Below are the rules for makeups. We try to find a balance with flexibility that also allows us to manage class sizes and reservations.  Program attendance is limited and reserved for members.  Please understand that after you miss a class there may not be room to attend a makeup for your program.  However, we want our members happy so we differ to the blow process when space is available in classes. 


    • Memberships must be active during the time of the makeup class.
    • Makeups must be scheduled within 30 days of the missed class unless otherwise stated in writing. 
    • Makeups can be scheduled before or after the missed class but must be requested prior to the absence. Private and lab sessions must be rescheduled 24 hours beforehand.  
    • Makeups do not apply for programs outside of classes, all purchases are final, we may be able to use credit towards other programs. for exceptions. Special consideration may be made for extreme circumstances. Just keep us informed! 
    • Any planned absences longer than two weeks we recommend you request a *Membership Hold prior to the absence. 


    Hold Policy / When-To:


    If you will be absent from classes for more than two weeks, we recommend you place a hold on your membership.Membership holds will keep your membership active while extending your next billing date and your membership end date.Autopay is not turned off and will resume once the hold ends.


    • Membership holds need to be requested 2 weeks in advance. 
    • There will be a small $10 charge per hold and every 4 weeks. 
    • Membership holds can be helpful in covering extended absences, but may not exceed 1 month.


    Weekly Class Reservation:


    We try to keep each student's classes reserved in order to build a strong relationship with peers and coaches, as well as manage class sizes. However, we want you to have flexibility and if your schedule changes, you can change your weekly reserved class(es) at any time. Simply Please keep in mind that some classes may be full and cannot accept more students.


    Membership Drop:


    We love and appreciate all of our students, if we had it our way, we would keep you all forever. But we understand your interests can change and everyone needs to explore. If you plan to take a break from membership please understand the following.


    • If you are in a pricing agreement you will still be liable for the remainder of the term agreed to.
    • If you have a simple conflict with schedule or would like to switch things up to excite student interest consider changing schedule or programs for variety or looking at private lessons for more attention.
    • If you plan to return in the future please consider a membership hold, this will also hold your pricing for a period of time.
    • Canceling membership requires a30 day notice. We staff programs and stop new members from joining to reserve your place in membership, and requests have to be processed by our payment provider. to request that your membership be dropped.
    • If billing occurs within 30 days of the notice and you chose not to attend then the credit may later be used towards future services. 

    We appreciate any feedback on programs and membership at Outrun. Please help us to continue to improve our service by letting us know your thoughts.